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What to Look for When Buying an Accounting or Tax Practice

If you are looking to expand your accounting or tax practice, you may be considering purchasing an existing firm. Purchasing an existing firm can have numerous advantages when compared to starting a brand new practice, including having immediate access to a list of clients. In order to find the right accounting or tax practice to […]

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Factors That Affect The Value of Your CPA or Tax Firm

Deciding to sell your CPA or tax practice can be a complex and difficult decision. A seller will need to consider multiple factors that can impact the final sale price of their firm. If you are considering selling your CPA or tax practice, you may be wondering what factors can impact the value of your […]

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How to Value Your CPA or Tax Firm for Sale

After managing the day to day tasks of your CPA practice for years, you may be considering selling your firm. Whether you are retiring or looking to move onto another venture, selling your CPA practice can help ensure your clients are taken care of and that you receive a fair sale price for your time […]

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